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The World Needs Fathers

By Magnus Kulurs fist-bump_1024x270_scaled_cropp

More than ever, this world needs Fathers.

Fathers willing to get up before dawn for a long drive to a long day at a job he may not love, to benefit a family that he most certainly does.   Fathers who swing a hammer, crunch numbers, or soothe angry customers — a thousand back-breaking or mind-numbing tasks, strung together into one endless struggle.  Fathers who don’t mind the long drive home, a quick supper, and a rush to throw pop flies until his arm loses feeling and the day loses light.  Fathers who will stay up past midnight, tolerantly teaching algebra.  And Fathers willing to get up and do it all again.


The world needs Fathers.


Fathers with biceps strong enough to wrestle monsters and hands gentle enough to pull a splinter from a tiny finger.  Fathers who can dog-whistle really loud, grill a steak as if it’s life or death, and mow the lawn on the hottest day.  Fathers patient enough to attend a dance recital on football Sunday — and who will sit up all night with a newborn child singing the only lullaby he knows over and over again, while mommy desperately sleeps.


The world needs Fathers.


Fathers who can fashion a band-aid from duct tape and a paper towel, repair a broken iPod with a paperclip, and turn a pile of scrap lumber into a tree house.  Fathers who, although not allowed to help, spend an entire weekend trying to make a Pinewood Derby car the fastest in the pack.


The world needs Fathers.


Fathers willing to rush to the store before the heart of a storm and yet stop to take their son to help a neighbor shovel her drive.  Fathers that are not afraid of anything, are larger than life, and that make home feel safe.  And also Fathers who are not afraid of using funny voices, playing dress up, or showing his children how a Man should treat a woman.  Fathers who can tell a child that they are unconditionally loved.


The world needs Fathers.


Fathers strong enough to bind a family together when things are bad and free enough to raise the roof when things are good.  Fathers who are wise and flawed — and ashamed of neither.  Fathers who want nothing more than to be bettered in every way by an ambitious son — and who are willing to walk down an aisle and give away a most precious daughter to a Man that can never be good enough.


Fathers who, in the blink of an eye, would give up everything…


The world needs Fathers.